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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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connection with the crime. >> joseph nasa in the jail behind me. charges announced this morning and the case against him is been a year in the making. it will be one year ago to the date. >> items implicated him in the murder young women. >> the victims are rox ann rogash in 1997 . car men collin whose body was found in 19ep 78 . pamella parson and tracey, both found in ba county in '93 and 94. investigators found photos and
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writings that tied nasa to the killings. and the self employed photographer was on probation and when his parole officer found him in the house he found him with a gun and that sent him to the jail for the past year. >> marine county detectives arrested him in south lake tahoe and on monday from the release from the jail in custody over the past year on unrelated charges. >> the first of four found west of the fairfax. 18 year old roxanne rogash of oakland. it did not come up in the press conference but each of the victims had the same double initial. roax rogeb. carmela colanand tracey tafoia . authority in rochester, new york are looking at a series of unsolved mores with the
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same similarities. >> authorities believe he traveled back to rochester from time to time. but tonight joseph is facing charges from four murders in california. nasa will -a will be presented with a criminal complaint. that means that the district of attorney will go for the death penalty if he is convicted. he is due to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. in the superior court. i spoke to the retired investigator who worked the roxanne rogash case. back then they were not
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looking at him as a suspect. san francisco police are looking for the fifth suspect in the murder of a 16 year old boy. police went to this house when they heard he had killed himself. the medical examiner determined that the death was suspicious. >> we were in shock, you don't imagine it happening to your student. definitely not andy. how can it be andy? >> sno none of the suspects went to school with zain but they knew him. they range from 15-18 . police have not revealed the murder but say it was not gang related. >> it is illegal to openly
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carry fire arms in california. the safety public committee approved the ban. right now. it is legal to carry a side arm as long as weapon and ammunition is held operately. gun rights group showed support for carrying their unloaded weapons in public. >> they see a group of people come to star bucks and we have tense situations . it is a puts average californians in a dangerous situation police are rarely called and rarely come and does not cause a frightening response whatsoever. if the police are called they advise them and they do not dispatch. >> that full bill goes to the assembly for a vote. four men were arrested for
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trespassing in san francisco. men belonged to the building that houses the homeless. the group said health care agency should hope up to people who are homeless. bruno and city council councils will decide whether to merge fire departments with a central fire department. if both councils opt in it will mean one fire department for four towns. san bernardino is where the pg&e pipe line exploded last september. it would save the cities a combined total of one and half million a year. there would not be staffing cuts, but the number of fire stations would be reduced. that follows a decision by redwood city to merge with san karlos. that merger would save both
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cities two and half mill yoy a year. they will meet to discuss the plan tomorrow. san karlos backed out of a joint fire department with belmont after a dispute over the funding. the city disbanded their force last year. california's renewable energy goals grew more ambitious. power will have to have power from renewable energy. i didn't get my name governor moom beam for nothing. i earned it by advocating ideas that are not popular. >> part of that requirement will be met by a manager project. they secured a loan guarantee
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today. pg&e will push all of the power it generates. >> japan's nuclear crisis is the second worst in history. officials raised the accident rating to a 7 and put its on parwith the chernobyl disaster. the prime minister said the situation in the plant is stabilizing and the amount of radiation leaking is smaller. the same type of quake fault does not exist here. senator barbara boxer was not so sure. >> it is unlikelyy to have an act in california is unlikely. that's what they said about japan. to the word. they will practice shutting down two reactors today.
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that drill is required every two years. >> a former soviet scientist who survived the disaster in chernobyl is in the area speaking out as an antinuclear activist. laura joins us now with her story. >> hi, carolyn. she is here to speak about the legacy of chernobyl as we approach the 25th anniversary. she was a first responder in chernobyl and has the scars to prove it natalia was a 35 year old soviet energy -- engineer when the disaster struck. she was ordered by the soviet government to go in and clean up the plant after it exploded. she and her colleagues were called liyit ators. >> we were go there and then we had to bury everything that was above the surface. how this was buried.
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>> she worked there for four and half years and wore protective clothing the entire time. >> for protection we had uniform and masks and we protected our hands with gloves. >> but like all of her colleagues she later got cancer and her thirod had to be removed. she is the only surviving scientist from chernobyl. >> i had the same health consequences as everyone who was engaged in liquidating with the accident. >> how are you today? >> i don't want to complain. >> she now travels the world as an antinuclear activist. she believes what is happening in fukushima, japan is a clear sign that lessons of chernobyl
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are lost. >> there is no country worth the risk. >> and i am standing in front of the hall here in uc berkleyy and scientist are monitoring the area for radiation from japan. there was a small spike on march 24th. they tell me the readings are very long and well within background levels. >> thank you, laura and stocks fell after the japan raised the severity of the nuclear crisis. the dow dow lost 117 points. nasdaq fell twen . s&p 500 lostt 10 . >> and coming up, it may be the law but 7 on your side discovered a lack of
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transparency of bank fees. >> and clipped on the tarmac. sending a small jet for a spin. >> and how long will it be before we see a warm up, coming up. >> shuttle mission that will retire in a california museum, the news cococococococococococoo
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. federal investigators are looking into a collision on the tarmac in new york's jfk airport. air france flight bound for paris was taxing when the left wing clipped the plane of a delta commuter plane and spinning it 90 degrees. the air bus flight was the largest passenger plane with a wing span of 260 feet. >> good luck for catching
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suspects. four stole jewelry from a home on april 3rd. frann fran police issued a nationwide alert after a neighbor wrote down the new hampshire license plate. they were arrested in nebraska by a state trooper who nabbed them for spending. there was jewelry in the car which the police tracked all the way to the east coast. >> it was on the east coast in late march and the time of our burglary and with the other items of jewelry in there, we'll discover more victims as we move through >> investigators believe that more victims step forward as word of the arrest gets out. heir loom jewelry was a priceless sentimental value. >> a man charged with raping a youngg grandchild was sentenced to 12 year in prison
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today. pedro hernandez pled guilty to one count of continued sexual abuse was a card. he was caught assaulting the child in a share well. she was eight years old at the time. neither the victim or family were present for the sentencing. >> san francisco police are looking for the people who are responsible for illegally divumping 12 tons of roofing materials in the bay district. a front loader had to be called to pick up the material. that area is a common spot for illegal dumping. officials say it is an eye sore and health hazard and expensive to clean up. anymore with information is to call the san francisco police department and important news. consumer news shows that many are not disclosing the fees discharged to their customer. michael is here. >> this is causing a huge
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uprise in the industry. public research group and other groups in the nation sent secret choppers out to bank branches in 20 states. 62 percent failed to give consumers the fee increase. 24 percent never complied despite repeated request. >> and it should be easy to do . information that they need so they can make the best decision and find what works for them. >> andical burg called on the new consumer protection bureau to enforce the law requiring disclosure . it is methodology and the california banker association said the survey takers went out and got the result they wanted. >> higher gas prices may be changing their driving prices forever.
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americans bought less gas this year than last despite high gas prices and analyst said the surprise for deplanned should pick up with more people now working. not this time. >> michael thank you. >> nasa revealed today where many space shuttles are going where the program ends this summer. they will fly a final mission this month and endeavor returns to earth and will go on display in the california center. atlantis will go on display by the kennedy space center . enterprise will move to new york city intrepid museum. shuttle discovery will have the annex outside of washington d.c.. >> this could have been like a scene out of gone with the wind. some people braved the predawn
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area to reenact the moment when the civil war began 150 years ago today. first shots rang out over fort sumpter and a beam of light split into two signified the division of the nation. this begins a four year national commemoration. >> a sunny and cool day here at home. we'll have showers and cool and breezy and start to see a miniwarm up after the splash of that tomorrow morning. here is a live picture from the high definition camera. we look over the bay and higher clouds moving in ahead of a cold front that brings us rainn tomorrow . another live picture and this is beautiful ones from high definition camera. clouds in the lower levels and higher levels there and sunset not for a couple of hours.
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here are your current temperatures. they are reporting a westerly wind to 30. and making it feel colder outside. highlights showers for the morning cute exute and breezy and warmer weather thursday through saturday. here is a satellite and radar . this is a cold front and advancing in the bay area and will bring us showers. a few clouds around and you will notice wet pavement there at 5:00 a.m.. as we head toward the 9:00 hour. wide spread and very lightt rainfall expected once the front goes through showers taper off. when all is said thisand done they will receive a 10th of an inch of rain. it will be up to a quarter of an inch in the higher elevation. clouds will hold the numbers
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up a bit. upper 40 in san francisco by morning and 44 in san jose and freemont. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay. temperatures will be in the low 60s and cooler than where you should be for this time of year . campbell and on the peninsula 59 degrees and 60 in palo alto . along the coast line and breeze out of the west combined with temperature of only 55 degrees in the pacific. that is going to feel like a sweater and jacket. >> san francisco and 58 degrees in the sunset district . north bay, few hour showers in the morning and partly cloudy and 62 in santa rosa . breezy and cool . 60 in oakland and castro valley . showers over the higher derain . 61 in down and pleasant town and pen in monterey and 56 for
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you in selenas. this is your accu-weather forecast. morning showers and followed by breezy afternoon and dry on thursday and a slight possibility of showers and notice that the temperatures start to climb upwards. thursday and friday and saturday. sunday, and monday and tuesday and slightly cooler and the breeze picks up a bit. >> nice spring weather. >> and good timing for the weekend. >> and absolutely. >> coming up next. strong accusations and spying levels at a uc college campus. >> new tonight at six.
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c>> students released documents that showed school administrators spide on students. they teamed up to make the announce a new's conference. documents obtained by the freedom of information act shows how the university tried to control free speech protest. this is a video when a student rally ended with arrest. >> uc davis said it has our backs on fee hikes and budget cuts and does something like this. it sends mixed messages to us. >> they say the documents reveal how university police and teachers mon identity the activist. they deny they are inmelt
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traiting the groups. they have analyzed brain scans showing that people over 60 have a tougher time finishing a task. as we age it is difficult for our brains to switch between net woshes of nerves assigned to each task. a study is in the proceeding of national academy of science. coming up the most distingish school list . stay with us. @p@p@p@p@p@p@p@p@pp
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>> comingly upon new at 6:00. supervisors confront the mayor . also deciding how many should be allowed in the largest city. how to leave out illegal dispencaries . getting new ski lift tickets. michael finnie will show us how it went down from there. and finally for us. for this half hour. the high schoolly anticipated list for california schools was released today . public high school in oakland. >> mission san jose high school . the middle school in san francisco is recognizing for obtaining high levels of performance and we put it on abc sennews . see it for all of the results. >> i am cheryl gening.


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